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Víctor Viñals Yúfera


University of Zaragoza



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Journal Articles

Díaz, Javier; Ibáñez, Pablo; Monreal, Teresa; Viñals, Víctor; Llabería, José M

Near-optimal replacement policies for shared caches in multicore processors Journal Article

In: The Journal of Supercomputing, pp. 1–30, 2021.


Segarra, Juan; Tejero, Ruben Gran; Viñals, Víctor

A generic framework to integrate data caches in the WCET analysis of real-time systems Journal Article

In: J. Syst. Archit., vol. 120, pp. 102304, 2021.

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Journal Articles

Segarra, Juan; Cortadella, Jordi; Tejero, Rubén Gran; Viñals, Victor

Automatic Safe Data Reuse Detection for the WCET Analysis of Systems with Data Caches Journal Article

In: IEEE Access, 2020.


Pedro-Zapater, Alba; Segarra, Juan; Tejero, Rubén Gran; Viñals, Víctor; Rodríguez, Clemente

Reducing the WCET and analysis time of systems with simple lockable instruction caches Journal Article

In: Plos one, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. e0229980, 2020.


Pedro-Zapater, Alba; Rodríguez, Clemente; Segarra, Juan; Tejero, Rubén Gran; Viñals-Yúfera, Víctor

Ideal and Predictable Hit Ratio for Matrix Transposition in Data Caches Journal Article

In: Mathematics, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 184, 2020.


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