Models and source codes of an FPGA accelerator for gradient boosting decision trees.


Code for obtaining safe data access patterns and reuse information for WCET analysis.

Matrix Transposition

Code for measuring the time required by a tiled in-place matrix transposition.


bvSFM (bit-vector sampled FM-index) is a tool for sequence alignment.

Sparse accelerator

This repository contains the VHDL code of an accelerator for sparse DNNs on embedded systems.


A Simulation Environment for Thermal-aware Real Time Multiprocessor Scheduling.

Bayesian Neural Networks to Analyze Hyperspectral Datasets Using Uncertainty Metrics

This repository contains the BNN models and the source codes to analize uncertainty metrics for hyperspectral datasets

ILP TSN Scheduler

Modeling of IEEE-802.1Qbv by heuristics and integer linear programming.